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We're building a revolving line of credit for small business owners who want to start or grow their businesses. Our business line of credit provides immediate access to capital that can be borrowed as needed, paid off, and borrowed again. Through Sakura, our line of credit will be accessible through a Visa card that can be used in store or online wherever Visa is accepted.

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Honest and Transparent Line of Credit

Real time balance

With the Sakura Business Card, you will be able to monitor how much you've drawn down on your line of credit in real time to help you manage your money.

No Fees or Penalties

There will be no costs associated with the use of the Sakura Card.

Quick and Convenient!

We'll send you your card within 7 business days. Keep it in your back pocket - you never know when you may be ready to use it!

Easy Access to Your Funds

Rather than write clunky checks or wait multiple days for wire transfers to go through, the Sakura Business Card will allow you to have easy access to your line of credit, whenever you want.